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    The character's name is a composite of real Las Vegas mobsters Moe Dalitz, ... Moe Greene is introduced in The Godfather as a renowned Jewish mobster and former ...

  3. Moe Greene | The Godfather Wiki | FANDOM powered …

    • "You son of a bitch. Do you know who I am? I'm Moe Greene! I made my bones when you were going out with cheerleaders." Moe Greene to Michael Corleone. Moe Greene was a casino owner from Las Vegas and caporegime in Roth syndicate.
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  4. Where is the statue of Moe Green in Las Vegas? | …


    2017-07-15 · I'm doing an essay on him. ... Install the new Firefox » Yahoo Answers

  5. Where is the statue of Moe Green? | Yahoo Answers

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    2009-11-04 · Where is the statue of Moe Green? 1 following . ... Moe Green was a fictional character in the Godfather movie. ... There is NO such thing in Las Vegas.

  6. Moe Greene - definition - English

    You don' t come to Las Vegas and talk to Moe Greene ... the fact that there isn't a statue of Bugsy Siegel in Vegas, ... GARAHAN, Moe (Green Party ...

  7. That Kid's Name Was Moe Greene ( The Godfather II …

    • By Shuvo Sarker ·

    2015-06-22 · Video embedded · That Kid's Name Was Moe Greene ( The Godfather II 1974 ) Shuvo Sarker. ... and the city he invented was Las Vegas. ... signpost or statue

  8. 'Do you know who I am?' The legacy of Moe Greene | WTOP

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    The legacy of Moe Greene. By ... Michael’s first move is to expand the Corleone Family to Las Vegas, ... and there isn’t even a plaque or a signpost or a statue ...

  9. The Godfather - I'm Moe Greene 9/10 (HD) - YouTube

    • By thequizandquestions ·

    2013-03-25 · Video embedded · Michael confronts Moe about slapping Fredo and ... The Godfather - "I'm Moe Greene": ... Michael Corleone Travels on Las Vegas To Meet Moe

  10. Hyman Roth (Character) - Quotes

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    Hyman Roth: There was this ... That kid's name was Moe Greene, and the city he invented was Las Vegas. ... or a signpost or a statue of him in that town!

  11. Build a statue in Las Vegas for Moe Greene · Causes


    To get a staute built in Vegas for the man that helped start it all...all he ever got was a bullet in his eye. 1. His idea, he built it and has nothing to show for it.

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