Can anyone tell me how you measure swash and backwash with a compass? What was operation BLUE STAR ? Math homework help 2: How do I solve this three variable system? Does Publix allow you to buy individual cupcakes? can put a resume out for applying for jobs in oil but im already employed? Lord of the Rings questions? I'm Depressed, what should I do? can anyone get me an essay for 3rd grade kid on "save our globe"???? English lit GCSE WJEC Inspector calls answer? VA Prosthetics Calling the police to have someone arrested or picked up for a crime if it not an emergency? Simone de Beauvoir...oui? im confused on what stereotype i am? Do you have any confidence in the Police to sort out harassment and bullying? Blitzkrieg extremely overrated. Only works with cowardly and illegal sneak attacks prior to declaration of war.? Blood Meridian quotes about money/reaching the West? someone shows me a good book of non-fiction...? helpp!! tattoo cover up design needed please? Why is my computer so slow (and how do I fix it)? How I let my mom use the computer/play a video game occasionally? Is Dick a bad word when it is a name?

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help!! shakespeare!!! essay help!?... homework help please! comparative essay due tomorrow, please i need something to...