Can anyone tell me how you measure swash and backwash with a compass? What do you mean by intent when you ...? Given what trump has said how can anyone think he is making the military stronger? hi my name is rajat.i need a job in airlines but i have done bca and also i have backlogs.? I want to apply to Cornell ED - should I even bother or is it too much of a reach? Should I visit? Isn't it true that if there was no God there would in fact be no atheists? Since atheists are "against" God doesn't atheism prove God? Information on the outcomes of the Cuban missile crisis. What effects did it have after it had ended? Please give thoughts on my blog entry? What do Germans think of rammstein? How can we get Freelancing Jobs Easily ? Anybody know the original Persian/Farsi script of the Rumi poem "The Self We Share"? What are the biological properties of an element? Job/ Resume Question?? Blitzkrieg extremely overrated. Only works with cowardly and illegal sneak attacks prior to declaration of war.? Video game job resume? Sign Up Now - Free Context of Production and Reception?

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what are your thoughts on global islamic government?... how did the bible come into being? what kind of book is the bible?... freak the mighty freak's dictionary words?...